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For Seasons Livestreamed on November 16

21cmediagroup / 16th November 2019 / News

On November 16, Alan Gilbert and the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester premiere a brand-new collaborative project titled “For Seasons.” 

This project takes one of the most well-known depictions of nature in music history, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and transforms the piece using climate data in an effort to make the climate crisis globally audible. For Seasons takes statistics about climate change and translates those statistics into music. Since 15% fewer species of birds exist today than in Vivaldi’s time, the original bird motif consists of 15% less notes, for example. Algorithms help translate alarming statistics gathered from research institutes, universities, and environmental agencies into music, thus creating For Seasons. Composed by a team of sound-artists, software-developers and musical arrangers employing “data-to-concert” techniques, For Seasons leaves listeners feeling uncomfortable and unbalanced, just as our environment has become. 

Alan Gilbert conducts the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester and soloist Roland Greutter, concertmaster of the orchestra, on November 16. The concert will be livestreamed here.For Seasons Livestreamed on November 16

Click here to learn more about the project.