Orchestre National de Lyon

amerrick / 16th January 2018 / News
On January 25-27 Alan conducts the Orchestre National de Lyon, presenting Brahms’s Third Symphony, Martinů’s First Cello Concerto featuring soloist Sol Gabetta, and Bach’s Third Orchestral Suite. On the program, […]

Fall 2017 Highlights Include Stops in Paris & New York; Tour with Dresden Staatskapelle

amerrick / 12th October 2017 / News
This fall, Alan Gilbert reunites with the New York Philharmonic for the Bernstein Centennial and the Philharmonic’s 175th Anniversary. He also embarks on a tour of China with […]

IDEAS | On the State of Music Today

amerrick / 8th June 2017 / News
Music is as powerful as ever and can really speak to people today. I think that people’s assumptions and expectations of orchestras are based on the old model, […]

IDEAS | On Beethoven

amerrick / 23rd January 2017 / News
So much of what we see and hear in music is based on maybe the greatest orchestral composer ever – Beethoven. I mean, he created an orchestral world […]

IDEAS | On The New York Philharmonic

amerrick / 23rd January 2017 / News
I actually think it’s hard for people to get their heads around the concept that it’s possible to be good at more than one type of music, or […]

IDEAS | On Human Rights and Music

amerrick / 14th December 2016 / News
“As musicians we want to do good, to make a difference, but we often feel a sense of inadequacy. What, really, can we do, for example, in the […]

IDEAS | On Education and Outreach by Orchestras

amerrick / 15th April 2015 / News
“The world of orchestras has reacted to external forces and embraced education and outreach, including non-traditional programming. This shift away from merely presenting concerts to becoming organizations that […]

IDEAS | On Programming Contemporary Music

amerrick / 15th April 2015 / News
“Again, not entirely stupid, but very likely backfiring in the long run if the new work is shoehorned into a program that is not organically conceived, in which […]

IDEAS | On Live Performances

amerrick / 15th April 2015 / News
The formality of a traditional concert can feel like a relic of a bygone age, and one can well understand that there exists doubt about the relevance of […]